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Do's and Don'ts for Your Next Offroad Adventure

While the majority of Jeep owners are avid adventurers, only a small minority happen to be super serious about off-roading. 

Despite this phenomena, more and more of the avid Jeep Wrangler community are taking an interest in the activity. As the popularity of the Wrangler grows, it’s safe to say this number will undoubtedly continue to rise.  

It should be noted that off-roading can be an extremely dangerous activity if necessary precautions are not taken. 

For this reason, we’ve compiled some of the most important do’s and don’ts for those looking to get their feet wet in the world of mudding and off-road obstacle courses. 


DO: Bring proper tools 


Going on any type of adventure will require you to have a basic understanding of the types of challenges you might face. From there, you’re able to properly gauge how to go about choosing tools and other equipment to accompany you on your trip. 

For off-roading, you’ll need to carry a few things in your Jeep Wrangler storage.  

The first of those things being water. 

It’s incredibly important that you stay hydrated for the duration of your off-road experience. While not exactly a tool by definition, water can still positively impact your adventure in multiple ways. 

Another vital tool for your Jeep Wrangler storage is a recovery strap. This nifty tool will pull your vehicle out of any sticky situation. Be sure you have another vehicle around to “tow” you from the other side. 

Gathering other basic tools such as a jack and spare tire, shovel, and a few extra gallons of gasoline would all also be fantastic additions to your list of necessary tools to bring on your next off road trip.  


DON'T: Go unprepared 


Always prepare a plan and thoroughly research whichever trail you choose. As mentioned earlier, off-roading can be incredibly dangerous if necessary precautions and preparations aren’t taken to ensure the safety and security of you and your passengers. 

Get a map and trace your desired path so you’re not faced with any surprises. It’ll help you on the road as you navigate throughout the course.  

It’s 2018 and we’re lucky enough to have essentially unlimited amounts of information at our finger tips. There’s no excuse not to learn everything there is to know about the course beforehand.   

If you do happen to find yourself unprepared on the big day, find the nearest park ranger and have him/her run you through some of the best points of interest, as well as areas to avoid. Their insight will be invaluable to you for the duration of your trip. They may give you a map too! 


jeep wrangler

DO: Avoid Water Puddles 

Yes, water puddles can be incredibly fun to drive through 

No, it’s often times not worth it. Let me tell you why. 

Puddles can be extremely deceiving. While it may look like you’re just taking a leisurely splash through shallow waters, you may actually be driving straight into a deep pile of mud that’ll paralyze your vehicle and temporarily pause your adventure.  

The bottom of puddles can sometimes contain silt, a sedimentary element much stickier than mud. Once it hits your tires, you might as well call it quits. Flooring it will just make it ten times worse. 

Be smart and use wisdom when taking your Jeep Wrangler off-road. As fun as splashing through water puddles can be, it’s not worth risking the joy you receive after completely finishing a trail. Just avoid them altogether and enjoy the ride! 


DON'T: Go solo  

As with all even mildly dangerous activities, it’s important to drive with a buddy if you can. There’s quite literally no positives and a plethora of positives involved in taking such a simple action. Your partner is your DJ, they’ll help you in an emergency, and if you get stuck you have some help.  

It’s honestly never a good idea to off-road alone. It’s not fun and you have nobody to relieve you of driving duties if you get tired.  

As with any adventure, it’s important not to burn yourself out – having a co pilot to level you out will prove to be invaluable in the moment. 

So, don’t hesitate to bring you best friend along on your next off-road adventure. Even if they know nothing about Jeep Wranglers or off-roading in general, they’ll have a blast witnessing the beautiful local scenery, while you’ll enjoy the pleasure simply having their company while you engage in one of your favorite activities. It’s truly a win-win for everybody involved. 


DO: Check your vehicle  

There are a few different aspects to checking your vehicle that should all be considered before hitting the road to your nearest off-road course.   


The Exterior 

The first step to inspecting your vehicle should be doing a quick walkthrough of the exterior both before and after your trip. Note any cracks or dents in the body and watch for leaking fluids. Ensure everything is tight and sturdy. 


Your Tires  

Ensuring your tires are in line with the recommended levels for getting to the trails and feel free to drop air pressure when you’re out crawling. Just remember to re-inflate them before heading back home – the last thing you want to be doing is driving on the highway with under inflated tires. 


Head and Tail Lights 

Making sure your Jeep Wrangler’s head and tail lights are functioning properly will be vital when preparing to go off road. A planned trip of four hours could quickly turn into six, seven, even eight hours or more.  

Depending on the time of your departure, this could have you driving back ho in the pitch black of darkness.  

Having bright head lights and tail lights will improve your ability to navigate the darkness and allow you to see items on the road that may cause serious damage to your tires.  

As trails are parks are usually in desolate areas with little to no streetlights, it’s imperative that your light situation is stabilized in order to get you back home safe and sound. 


DON'TForget about Jeep Wrangler upgrades 

Now, the Jeep Wrangler is fully capable of most beginner and intermediate off road trails straight from the factory. However, those looking to take on more advanced courses or those who simply want a leg up on the competition, can opt to purchase Jeep Wrangler upgrades to drastically improve their off-road experience. 

Boasting one of the largest enthusiast communities worldwide, the Wrangler has tons of third party and OEM parts available for purchase at very fair prices.  

Third party products are what differentiate Jeep owners. The Jeep Wrangler accessories you purchase directly correlate with how you’ll be using your vehicle. 

One of the most commonly recommended Jeep Wrangler upgrades for those looking to get into crawling is the lift kit. This modification allows you to raise your suspension and add significantly larger tires to your car, vastly improving your off-roading capabilities. 

jeep wrangler 

DO: Start with a Full Tank of Gas 

There’s nothing worse than running out of gas on a trail and having to wait hours for an emergency tank to arrive. To prevent this heartbreak, simply stop by the nearest gas station to your destination. 

Not only can you grab some water and delectable snacks for the day, you’ll also be able to ensure you have more than enough gasoline for multiple hours out in the field. 

Make sure you purchase gas near your destination, as you may run through it prematurely if you buy it any sooner. 


DON'T: Think Too Hard About It – Have fun! 

Off-roading is supposed to be a blast.  

As with anything that’s unfamiliar, the first few times may be intimidating.  

Don’t worry about it. Be open to making mistakes and embrace them. Nobody is perfect the first time.  

After a few hours of crawling under your belt, you won’t be able to take your hands off the wheel! It’s an incredibly addicting feeling that keeps off roading enthusiasts coming back for more. 

Off-roading is an extremely fun activity and having a Jeep Wrangler enhances it to even greater levels.  

For beginners though, it’s important to ensure all your bases are fully covered and you’re not hitting the trails too soon. Taking heed to the do’s and don’ts on this list will put you in the ultimate position to achieve success as a crawling hobbyist!  

Off Road Enthusiasts! Are there any important tips we missed? Let us know in the comments section! As always, we look forward to your responses! 

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