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Our Story

Backed by over 20 years of engineering and OEM parts design in the industry.

Two partners founded XG Cargo with one simple mission:

To ignite the adventurous spirit that thrives within every adventure vehicle owner. We empower you to embrace the freedom of the open road and forge your own path.

Design Process and Philosophy

Our design teams take the innovative designs and refine them in our American manufacturing facility, where we have full control over quality, materials, functionality and build techniques. We utilize our foot prints manufacturing in developing countries to keep up with demand as well as pass on savings to our customers but not before being tested by our XG team.

Our pro XG team of ambassadors tests our prototypes all over the world. Their demanding lifestyle provides the proof for the final stamp of approval before the final product makes it into our consumer's hands. XG vows to put as much quality and testing into the products and price products fairly, so you can utilize them in your own lifestyle and assist us in improving and developing new products in the future as we get feedback from the community.