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Platform A Bronco

Wherever your journey takes you, enhance the capability and durability of your Ford Bronco with the 12 gauge high alloy steel tray accessory based platform. 150lb capacity tray, dual 2-axis side mount plates, under tray compressor mount. A true overlandering dream, designed for every environment. 

Made in the USA.

2021 4dr Bronco and Up
Hardtop Only

-3 Adjustable tray heights (20", 21", 22")
-150lb carry capacity
-16" x 38" 4.25sq ft tray
-12 gauge A-36 hot rolled high alloy steel
-Durable polyester powder coated matte finish
-Tray tie-down cut outs
-2 Universal accessory mounting plates
-Fits 4 Door Bronco
-Made in USA
-3 Year Warranty

Mounting Platform

Make more of your world with the option of adding personailzed accessories with the mounting bases only found on Platform A.

Side Plate Mounts

Create a home for fire extinguishers, flashlights, rescue gear and more.

Storage Tray

150lb carry capacity laser cut high alloy steel tray. Tray cut outs allow for tie downs.