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Bronco Tailgate Storage

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Transform your Bronco's tailgate into a functional gear hub with a variety of storage solutions designed to maximize space and accessibility. Here's a look to elevate your Bronco's tailgate game:

Rail Station™ Panels:

    • Modular Organization: Rail Station™ panel, attaches to your Bronco's tailgate, creating a grid system for attaching pouches, holsters, and other Rail Station™-compatible gear. This keeps essentials organized and readily accessible.
    • Customization Power: The modular design allows you to personalize your storage based on your needs. Whether you require first-aid kits, recovery straps, or cargo hooks, storage offer endless customization.

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Product Specs

- Nylon constructed materials

-Rail Station™ technology

- Includes 4 soft bags

- No drill mounting

- Includes hardware

Vehicle Fit


2021 - Current Bronco 2dr/4dr


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