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  • September 04, 2018 6 min read

    Jeep Wrangler modifications and upgrades can be expensive. Because of this, 90% of Jeep lovers all have something in common: we LOVE to explore and put our machines to the test!

    Exploration can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Whether this means going on a leisurely ride through the desert or taking your chance at some of America’s toughest off-road obstacle courses, we Jeep enthusiasts enjoy an adventure every now and again to push our vehicle to the limit or to even just enjoy a fun day cruising in the sun.

    However you choose to enjoy your Jeep, we’ve compiled a list of the top destinations for Jeep lovers of all types. One thing all of these places have in common: you’ll undoubtedly need a 4x4 vehicle to even consider beginning any of these excursions.

    With that in mind, here are our 6 MUST SEE destinations for you, your family, and of course, your Jeep Wrangler, in no particular order.

     #1 Mojave National Preserve, California

    Although not federally labeled as a national park, the Mojave National Preserve is the 3rd largest venue maintained by the National Parks Service. The historic 1.6-million-acre site is known for its rugged mountains, steep canyons, and sheer variety of undomesticated animals.

    One of the most coveted trails within the Preserve is the Old Mojave Road. The pathway spans about 147 miles right through the middle of the Mojave National Preserve and makes for a glorious off-roading adventure. The Preserve is also home to the illustrious Kelso Dunes, the largest field of sand deposits in the Mojave Desert.

    Temperatures in the Mojave National Preserve can often reach triple digits in summer months. For your safety, make sure you keep plenty of water and small snacks in your Jeep Wrangler storage before heading out on this exploration.

     #2 Big Bend National Park, Texas

    Big Bend National Park is often referred to as a Jeep Lover’s Paradise to Southerners – and for very good reason. Approximately 500 miles southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the 800,000-acre Big Bend National Park sits in the southwestern most part of Texas. The monumental park gets its name from a peculiarly large bend in the Rio Grande River that serves as a natural border between Mexico and Texas.

    Being the only official national park on the list means that there’ll be entrance fees involved in visiting the massive site. According to the National Park Service, admission costs into Big Bend will set you back $30 per vehicle for a single day. However, for just $25 more, you can obtain an annual pass that’ll allow you unrestricted access to the park year-round.

    Just like the Mojave Desert, the Chihuahuan Desert can reach 100 degrees by noon and remain stagnant until the wee hours of the night. Remember to take necessary precautions before heading south to Big Bend.

    #3 Outer Banks, North Carolina

    For those who haven’t experienced off-roading on the beach, let me tell you – it’s amazing. While there are a few beaches scattered around the US that allow 4x4 vehicles on the sand, The Outer Banks will provide you with the most breathtaking views, friendly patrons, and a plethora of other activities, from fishing to snorkeling and everything in between.

    The Outer Banks is arguably the best beach on the East Coast. Stretching 200 miles off the coast of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia, OBX offers a completely free off-road experience in the northern sections of the beach. This means no entrance fees and no fines or costs associated with obtaining (or failing to obtain) a permit.

    While The Outer Banks doesn’t require a permit or admission fees of any kind, Park Rangers do place quite a few rules on those looking to engage in beach driving. Below is a list of required equipment to carry with you when visiting the beach. Make sure you have these in your Jeep Wrangler storage to avoid hefty fines from local authorities.

    • A small shovel
    • Jack and jack support
    • Low pressure tire gauge
    • Vehicle registered, licensed and insured for highway use
    • Vehicle with no more than two axles and tires approved by the US Department of Transportation

    #4 Rubicon Trail, California

    The Rubicon Trail is often considered one of the most challenging off-road courses in North America, or even the world. Ironically, the trail is quite literally part of a public service road in El Dorado County California, about an hour outside the city limits of Sacramento, California.

    The Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon was named after the infamous Rubicon Trail – and for very good reason. Jeep sponsors Jeep Jamboree USA, a series of off-road adventure weekends that attract 4x4 Jeep Lovers from across the country. Every year, the Rubicon Trail attracts double the amount of Jeepers than almost all the other trails. Not only is the trail full of obstacles difficult, yet enjoyable enough for even the most experienced off-road specialist, the region boasts some of the most amazing views in the state. You may want to make sure you store a camera as in your Jeep Wrangler storage.

    Many recommended Jeep Wrangler upgrades before attempting the treacherous Rubicon Trail, but truthfully, the site is super novice friendly! However, I would definitely recommend at least a few Jeeping trips before testing your hand at the Rubicon. Planning your trip around the Jeep Jamboree would also be a good idea, as there will definitely be quite a few pros more than willing to help you out should you have any issues. As an added bonus, volunteers work the entire weekend providing campgoers with tons of free food!

    #5 Dalton Highway, Alaska

    Now obviously getting your Jeep to Alaska isn’t exactly a plausible idea for all adventurers. However, for those with easy access to the largest state in America should consider a visit to Dalton Highway. Those in more southern regions of the US may look into Jeep 4x4 rentals, should they want to make the trip up north. Keep in mind, this route is certainly not for the faint of heart.

    Alaska’s Dalton Highway holds the record for the longest serviceless road in the North America. Just north of Coldfoot, AK, you’ll be faced with a 240-mile-long stretch of road with no hotels, convenience stores, diners, or lodging options. This means travelers should come prepared with the most basic of living supplies store in their Jeep Wrangler storage. This includes essentials such as spare tires, spare fuel, food, several gallons of water, amongst other essential camping equipment.

    Preparing for your trip on the Dalton Highway will take quite a bit of planning but can and should be done with sharp attention to the smallest of details. Enduring the Highway will provide you with a simply beautiful, unadulterated view of the state of Alaska.

    To expand your Jeep Wrangler integrated storage, make sure to check out our Sportsman line of products. They are undoubtedly one of the best Jeep Wrangler accessories for any adventurer looking to upgrade their interior. Before taking on the Dalton Highway, make sure you have enough space to store all your necessities! Thank me later.

    #6 Grand Canyon & Monument Valley, Arizona

    This one needs absolutely no introduction. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven World Wonders of the World and happens to be the only one based in the continental United States. Many however, don’t know that the area boasts some of the best off road trails in the Southwest.

    Those with minimal Jeep Wrangler modifications should look into trails located at the North Rim. The National Parks Service often refers to this area as “the road less travelled”, as only 10% of all Grand Canyon visitors will step foot in this region of the park. This makes the North Rim harder to get to and makes for a more secluded stay, free from the hordes of tourists that visit this World Wonder every year.

    For off road enthusiasts, the North Rim boasts the largest variety of trails available – from the extremely straightforward roads to the more difficult, rugged pathways. Essential items to keep handy in your Jeep Wrangler storage should include the basics, such as water, a short food supply, first-aid kit, and camping materials among other must-haves.

    There you have it, our unexhaustive list of the top 6 must see destinations to visit with your coveted Jeep Wrangler.

    Before you pack up all your Jeep Wrangler accessories and hit the road, we here at XG Cargo cannot stress the massive importance of thoroughly preparing for your trip in addition to double and triple checking your equipment list.

    To expedite this process, we’ve assembled a line of high grade Jeep Wrangler Integrated Storage gear to assist you in preparing for the greatest of adventures.

    Is there somewhere you love to visit with your Jeep Wrangler that didn’t make the list? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram at @xgcargo. We look forward to hearing from you!