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Types of Lift Kits for your Jeep Wrangler

Types of Lift Kits for your Jeep Wrangler

The beloved look of the Jeep Wrangler is usually emphasized by installing a nice lift kit on your vehicle. Many new owners do not realize there are several different types of lift kits on the market that vary in driving experience, performance, and styling. Today, we take a closer look at the different types of lift kits available for your Jeep Wrangler.


Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is one of the more common ways to invest in a lift kit. It includes a coil spring spacer that simply goes on top of your factory coil spring. Most include spacers only for the front, however, some include them for the front and back for a little bit of lift all the way around. This kit is designed to bring the front of the vehicle up, leveling out the factory rake found in all Jeep Wranglers. A leveling kit will allow your Wrangler to attain the mean, menacing look many Jeepers know and love at a very affordable price, as the installation is fairly easy to install. It also will not change much in driving experience or performance but will improve the aesthetics of your Jeep.



  • Improved aesthetics of your vehicle
  • Very easy to install
  • Will not vastly change how your vehicle drives
  • Few components to deal with



  • You won’t notice a performance boost
  • These kits usually only provide about 1-2 inches extra lift



Coil Spring Spacer Lift Kit 

A coil spring spacer lift kit is considered the first kit that provides actual ‘lift’ to your vehicle, rather than simply evening out the front and rear of the Wrangler. This kit will usually include coil spring spacers and a pair of shocks or shock extensions. While the leveling kit is generally an aesthetic modification, the coil spring spacer lift kits will allow you to add larger tires to your Wrangler.



  • Provides lift for a more aggressive aesthetic
  • Allows you to add bigger tires to your Jeep
  • Improved off road capability
  • Relatively inexpensive



  • Coil bind will generally happen sooner
  • Value for money may be better with more expensive kit options



Coil Spring Lift Kit 

This option provides you with taller coil springs in order to help you accomplish a taller ride height for a bigger set of tires with better off road performance. These kits will include also include shocks or shock extensions, as needed with the taller ride. The coil springs included in this kit can also have a stiffer spring rate. The stiffer spring rate will come in handy when adding modifications like armor, bumpers, windshields, or bigger spare tires to your Wrangler. A coil spring spacer lift kit will not be able to provide the spring rate necessary to hold up the additional weight.



  • Added lift and taller ride height
  • Support for bigger tires
  • Stiffer spring rate to hold up extra weight of modifications
  • Coil bind will be much less of an issue



  • One of the more expensive options on the list
  • Will be quite difficult to install for the novice mechanic


Complete Coil Spring Lift Kit

The full coil spring lift kit will provide you with everything you need to ensure your lift is completed in the most professional manner. This kit will generally include the basic coil springs and shocks, as well as four or eight control arms, track bars, and track bar brackets. In addition to the ability to add better tires that is provided by all the lift kits in the guide, the full coil spring lift will provide you with drastically better performance on and off road, allowing you to take on any trail you and your Wrangler meet. It will also correct many of the issues that come with lifting your vehicle, such as geometric imbalances, driving experience, ride performance, and the lifespan of mechanical components, improving the overall reliability of your lifted Jeep Wrangler.



  • Massive performance boost
  • Improved reliability
  • Better driving experience
  • Solves many of the problems associated with lifting your Jeep




  • The most expensive option for lifting your vehicle
  • Several components can get confusing


All four kits described in this list are all great ways to add an extra stylistic flair to your newly owned Jeep Wrangler. Accessories like the Coil Spring Spacer and Coil Spring Lift Kits will also provide the ability to add larger tires for better off road performance. Your choice largely depends on what you want to see out of your Jeep and your budget for modifications. Use our guide to determine which kit is right for you and your Jeep Wrangler!

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