Frequently asked questions XG Cargo. 


The Sportsman is a stable soft-sided semi-rigid cargo organizer/dog barrier.

Not at all. Connect the seven quick attachment points and its done. No extra parts needed.

3-5 minutes. 

Unfortunately no. The Sportsman and its seven attachment points were designed specifically for the 4-door Jeep Wrangler only.

Yes, using two different attachment pieces the Sportsman is compatable with the new 4-door Jeep Wrangler JL. 

Sportsman works for all dog breeds and pet sizes. However, the Sportsman was designed as a deter to pets only, not a 100% pet confinement product. The integrity and performance of the Sportsman is based solely on the level of obedience of your pet.

Yes, by releasing a few attachment points the Sportsman will lay flat with the seats.

This is a phrase used to describe a fabric material product that has structural integrity built in such as plastic panels.

600x600 PVC backed polyester.

No, the Sportsman is for the 4-door Jeep Wrangler only.

Yes, use a hot soapy rag for wiping clean.

No, the Sportsman is a versatile product fitting a handful of needs. Remove the pet net window and you have a stylish back seat cargo organizer.

Not at this time. Different color skus will be coming in the near future! 

Sportsman Floor Liners

There are two different Sportsman Floor Liners. 

Option 1.) Liner without speaker cut out: Standing at the rear of the Jeep Wrangler looking from the outside in; your speaker will be built in the center of your floor board.

Option 2.) Liner with speaker cut out: Standing at the rear of your Jeep wrangler looking from the outside in; your speaker will be on the right side of your Jeep below the roll bar.

If your speaker is in the floor, yes. If your speaker is on the side, no.

14 oz. vinyl coated polyester.


2-5 minutes.

It is recommended the Floor Liner is used with the Sportsman and not as a stand alone liner.

Weekender/Wilderness (Rooftop Carriers)

Yes 100% guaranteed!

Very easy. May require help lifting overhead onto your Jeep. 5-7 minutes installation.

Weekender 27 lbs.

Wilderness 30 lbs.

Wilderness (60"l x 44"w x 16"h) 23 cubic feet.

Weekender (48"l x 44"w x 16"h) 17 cubic feet.

Yes, but with no rack a hard top is required. The straps will come down through the doors and wrap around the roll bars.

We don’t suggest it. These rooftop carries were designed specifically for Jeeps.

That is determined by the surface that it lays upon.

Through beta testing we have found no evidence that these rooftop carries lower gas mileage for Jeep Wranglers.

Put on properly the rooftop carriers should make little to no extra noise. Be sure to have straps on tight with no twists.

(Expandable Push Bar) is patented technology that uses the leverage of the frame to expand the bag into its full designed shape allowing little to no sag.

There are several compression straps built inside the rooftop carriers.

Gama/Magellan Bags

2-3 minutes.

7-10 minutes.

The Magellan fits all four door Jeep Wrangler roll bars. Including  the new Jeep Wrangler JL.

The Gama fits all four door Jeep Wrangler roll bars. Gama frame will be compatible with Jeep Wrangler JL in the near future.

Gear Box

Yes, the Gear Box has 4 panels that are required to be manually slipped in.


7 lbs.

Very Strong. Holds 4 gallons of milk with no problem.

Ice Box

Yes. The Ice box is up to date with the latest technology for soft sided coolers. Built in 2 inch eva foam that has the cold holding ability for up to 2-3 days.

20-quart 17"w x 12"h x 10"d 

30-quart 21"w x 12"h x 10"d

20-Quart holds 20 cans with a 2:1 can: ice ratio.

30-Quart holds 30 cans with a 2:1 can: ice ratio.

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