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Top Jeep Wrangler Interior Storage Essentials

Top Jeep Wrangler Interior Storage Essentials

Admittedly, our Jeep Wrangler storage is a lot less than that of most other cars come with straight out of the factory. Think about it – Jeep Wrangler storage doesn’t usually come with the little conveniences of most cars like glove compartments, center consoles, seat pockets, etc. What we sacrifice in convenience, we make up for with our incredibly off-road ability and pure joy when driving anywhere!

One of the best words to describe the Jeeps would undoubtedly be ‘customizable’, and your Jeep Wrangler storage is no different. Your storage items will add a whole new element of color and style to your interior that wouldn’t have been present beforehand. Taking time to research you’re the available Jeep Wrangler storage solutions on the market gives you a leg up when deciding how to expand the overall space in your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did.

But luckily – you don’t have to.

We’ve gone out and collected the top Jeep Wrangler storage solutions on the market for your viewing pleasure.

Check out a few of them a few of the top items as starting examples of the possibilities available to you as a Jeeper but be sure to do your own research! You’ll likely end up right back at these products, however it’s vital to see everything that’s truly out there first – because there’s A LOT.

Without further ado, here is our guide to the top Jeep Wrangler storage modifications for your interior!


XG Cargo Kleen Kan



For the car eaters out there, it can be frustrating chowing down on some delicious fast food without anywhere to throw away the remaining paper/plastic bags and wrappers.  If you’re not careful, they can begin to accumulate and make your Jeep Wrangler interior super messy and unorganized. This designers at XG Cargo designed the Kleen Kan with this specific scenario in mind.

XG Cargo is known for their Jeep Wrangler storage products designed for the rear cargo area, but they happen to have pretty spectacular accessories for the main interior as well. The Kleen Kan is your silent travel partner and maid for your Jeep Wrangler JL or JK. Use it as a trash can or store your phones, loose items, and other valuables in this large storage bin with a weighted base. This Jeep Wrangler accessory slides right under rear seats and conforms to the driveline rise. The storage bin cleans easily, allowing you to head off to your next destination without a hiccup.



Spiderwebshade Grab Bag



The vast majority of Jeep Wrangler models and trims do not come with the main glove compartment featured near the front passenger’s seat that comes standard with many SUVs. This is a common place for drivers to keep a lot of important documents regarding their vehicle, such as its registration, insurance, and mechanical records. Lacking this Jeep Wrangler storage accessory puts Jeepers in a sticky situation when looking for a place to store these identifying certificates for your car. The Spiderwebshade Grab Bag is the perfect solution when looking for a place to hide all the miscellaneous items you don’t want to keep out in the open, or in your center console.

Available in 11 different colors, the Grab Bag fits ALL Jeep Wranglers from the 1900’s era CJ’s all the way up to the newly released JK models. This makes it a great Jeep Wrangler storage solution no matter what you Jeep of choice happens to be. The Grab Bag has large, mesh pockets big enough to hold all of todays ultra-sized smartphones and even smaller tablets. It also has an even smaller pouch perfect for pens or sunglasses. The Spiderwebshade Bag is the ultimate tool to expand your Jeep Wrangler storage without having to expand your bank account!



Blue Ridge Overland Gear’s Molle Seat Pack Panel



Another storage accessory seemingly missing from the Jeep Wrangler are our favorite seat back pockets! You know – the one your kids used to put their leftover snacks in that left an unbearable stench in your vehicle for days? Yeah, those seat back pockets.

Luckily for Jeepers with young ones, these pockets aren’t featured in the majority of Jeep Wranglers on the road today. However, for those without kids, these pockets would be invaluable Jeep Wrangler storage space for a vehicle that lacks the extra space. That’s where Blue Ridge Overland’s Molle Seat Back Panel comes perfectly into play.

Even under ideal conditions, keeping your back-seat drivers occupied requires lots of stuff. Consequently, you need somewhere to store all that stuff. Hang this easy-to-install Jeep Wrangler storage accessory on the back of your seat and it serves as a sturdy for your small, medium, and large MOLLE compatible bags.


Daystar Upper Dash Panel



The dash is debatably one of the most often overlooked, yet valuable parts of any vehicle. The dash can add an incredible aesthetic to an otherwise bland interior/exterior combo and vice versa.

Daystar took it upon themselves to transform part of this hidden gem into a Jeep Wrangler storage compartment for your phone, GPS, and/or sunglasses. Designed for 2007 JK’s and up, the Daystar Upper Dash Panel provides a great way to organize your small items. With a durable black finish and easy installation, adding some extra Jeep Wrangler storage to your vehicle couldn’t be any easier!


XG Cargo Gear Box


The XG Cargo’s Gear Box is quite literally any adventurers dream Jeep Wrangler accessory. Loaded with numerous different compartment and pouches, the Gear Box comes complete with a mole loop system to ensure you’re able to attach your favorite items for easy access. The box also includes a complimentary first aid pouch for storage of the standard medical equipment, such as bandages, gauze pads, and gloves, as necessary for your road trip.

It gets better – the Gear Box actually folds into itself, allowing you to stick it anywhere in your vehicle without taking up precious Jeep Wrangler storage. When fully assembled, lightweight and durable padded handles make transporting this accessory a breeze.

Due to its sheer versatility, this Jeep Wrangler storage upgrade is a huge favorite amongst travelers, adventurers, and doers. The beautiful design of meticulously designed XG Cargo’s Gear Box.



The interior of your vehicle is what you spend the majority of your time looking at and it’s also where you’ll be sitting on long road trips throughout the country. It’s important that you’re comfortable with this space, and that it meets all the specifications that you and your family require.

As you can see, Jeep Wrangler interior upgrades can exist anywhere in the vehicle and serve all kinds of functions. While the lack of Jeep Wrangler storage straight from the factory can be frustrating at times, it’s always important to remember Jeep Wrangler upgrades exist for this very purpose – to allow you to personalize your vehicle your way, with your habits in mind.

Each and every product featured on this list will provide you immense utility in your day to day travels with your Jeep Wrangler. Compared to many rear cargo storage tools of similar caliber, interior Jeep Wrangler storage upgrades tend to run quite a bit lower. This has a lot to do with the fact that there’s more open space to work with in the rear, thus encouraging manufacturers to think out of the box and develop more complex designs as a whole. Increased complexity obviously means increased price, but often times it’s very worth it. We’ll discuss the immense advantages of Jeep Wrangler storage upgrades for the rear in a later article.

Jeep Wrangler interior storage upgrades are a must have for adventurers looking to expand their payload on road trips. With some of these modifications, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the interior space of your Jeep Wrangler, while still riding in style!




Are there any Jeep Wrangler interior storage upgrades we missed? Let us know in the comments below!









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